Payer Benefits

For shippers to compete in the global market, they must move cargo fast and securely!

The PayCargo System addresses payer’s needs to act quickly, safely and resourcefully through electronic online payments. Our patented technology, allows the payer to eliminate extra processes and cut costs associated with errors, paperwork, and personnel. PayCargo, LLC, connects the payer and vendor on a real-time platform that transmits important financial information and payment. This immediate transparency not only improves payment communication but also allows for significant cost savings through automation and standardization.

PayCargo LLC, ensures the following benefits to Payers:

  • Faster Recognition of your payment by the Carrier
    means faster release of your cargo.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating the process and
    paper trail of manual check payment.
  • Save resources by reducing the amount of wire transfers,
    overnight couriers, fax copies of checks and messenger services for cargo release.
  • Manage any disputes/exceptions that may arise directly on our platform.
  • Increase productivity and accuracy through PayCargo’s
    system to automate reconciliation of payments.


Apply For PayCargo Credit

Whether as a customer you need to pay your vendor for import shipments, or as a vendor, your shipper has delayed payment, when you’re in a tight situation, PayCargo can secure an extra line of credit so you don’t lose out on any opportunities due of fund shortages.

Apply for PayCargo Credit now or learn how to fund your Accounts Receivables with PayCargo.

New to PayCargo?

For PayCargo Credit or Accounts Receivable funding, contact a PayCargo Representative for our easy application process.

Already a PayCargo customer?

1. Please sign into
2. Press the Credit Availability link on the menu.
3. Click on the Apply for PayCargo Credit option on the Credit Availability Screen.