Online Payables - Quick Payment for Quick Cargo Release

Save time, reduce expenses, and function leaner. With PayCargo’s online automated payment system, you can forgo processing payments by costly check or wire transfer. The PayCargo System works by allowing you to initiate online ACH payments automatically through uploading your Accounts Payable or manually input the transactions in real time. Once the payment has been initiated, the vendor receives an instant notification that you have made a payment and the total payment amount. Once they receive this notification, they can release your cargo

  • Faster Recognition of your payment by the Vendor means faster release of your cargo
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating the process and paper trail of manual check payment
  • Save resources by reducing the amount of wire transfers, overnight couriers, fax copies of checks and messenger services
    for cargo release
  • PayCargo’s system creates an automated reconciliation of payments – thereby increasing productivity

Online Receivables – Manage Your Cash Flow

Get payment faster, more securely, and manage invoicing on PayCargo’s online automated payment system. Carriers and vendors can now make their Accounts Receivables available online for shippers and customers to view invoices and BOLs that are open, approved, paid, or disputed. Payers can approve payments using overnight ACH and manage or initiate invoice or BOL disputes.

Our patented process works through giving payers the option to initiate the payment to the vendor automatically through uploading their Accounts Payable or by manually inputting transactions in real time. The system then sends an immediate notification to your receivables department so that you can confidently release cargo quicker to your clients. The funds are sent via ACH Credit directly into your bank account overnight. Each morning you receive a detailed remittance report to easily reconcile with your bank account. Our goal is to assist you in efficiently managing your receivables to substantially improve your company's cash flow.

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Whether as a customer you need to pay your vendor for import shipments, or as a vendor, your shipper has delayed payment, when you’re in a tight situation, PayCargo can secure an extra line of credit so you don’t lose out on any opportunities due of fund shortages.

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