Vendor Benefits

Before PayCargo’s online payment system, carriers had to assume a large amount of risk to grow their business in the global market which limited vendors from doing business with many shipping companies. Now, due to PayCargo’s payment platform, vendors can penetrate previously considered “risky” markets while growing their bottom line through saving time, money and personnel costs.

PayCargo Benefits to Vendors:

  • Increase efficiency by automating the entire collection process.
  • See your invoices in real time.
  • Funds are transferred by ACH for speed and security.
  • Remittance data is directly inputted into your ERP.
  • Reduce your DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).
  • Reduce administrative costs, i.e. phone calls, paper, printing, mail, etc.
  • Simple flat fee paid by Payer.
  • Avoid credit card merchant fees or processing checks.

PayCargo’s Additional Services:

  • No up-front capital investment.
  • We assist you in educating your internal team and your clients to use
    the PayCargo Solution to reach the maximum cost-savings potential.
  • The PayCargo System is the first neutral on-line freight payment system for the global shipping industry. It allows Payers, Vendors, and Freight Brokers to settle accounts rapidly and reliably within a standardized, secure platform. Participation in the PayCargo System requires no capital expenditures and is easy to implement. It is a complementary tool to any existing legacy system.

Apply For PayCargo Credit

Whether as a customer you need to pay your vendor for import shipments, or as a vendor, your shipper has delayed payment, when you’re in a tight situation, PayCargo can secure an extra line of credit so you don’t lose out on any opportunities due of fund shortages.

Apply for PayCargo Credit now or learn how to fund your Accounts Receivables with PayCargo.

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For PayCargo Credit or Accounts Receivable funding, contact a PayCargo Representative for our easy application process.

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